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Spotify jack "Method"

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‣ It's pretty simple really, Go to the artists insta/Twitter/anything that may contain their email, then go to the following -> Spotify

‣ Paste in the email you found, and if it's attached to an account, it'll say that it sent a password reset request to it 

‣ After that go to the following -> Support and fill in the name as the artists name and the tell me more as something like "I don't have access to my account anymore and wish to update my email" (this doesn't actually matter as it'll connect you with a rep)

‣ Once you're connected with a rep say something along the lines of "I need to update the email on my account as I don't have access to it right now" and depending on which rep you get, they may ask you for the latest publication that they uploaded/added to their playlist, which you can view by going to their latest releases on Spotify, other reps will just update the email to whatever you want, others will ask for a secret playlist if an artist has it, it all depends on the kind of rep you get.

‣ Once they've reset the email, and you secure the account, deleting all playlists, and updating the password and email to your own, you can change the artist artwork or album artwork, just as the other kids have

‣ You'll have to improvise as you start to see what kind of rep you've gotten, and just in general, but this is the base thing they're doing currently

‣ Something to keep in mind when doing this: Never tell them it's an artist profile and never give the link to the account, only the email which is connected to it. 

(This is how we got Lana Del Ray's & DonQ's, among some others)

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