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1. Right I'm not gonna waffle on, going to be clear and to the point.
2. Get yourself a S/N of a speaker of your choice. You can get these from ebay or gumtree where people will be selling these. If you want a specific model I would advise finding someone that is selling it or just get them to send your S/N and bullshit them saying you want to check its real or some shit. People are stupid so be creative.
3. Once you've got your S/N, hope onto SONOS live chat, tell them that the speaker won't turn on anymore.
4. Go through their bullshit troubleshooting, say it's still not working and you have tried multiple power cables.
5. Even if the S/N is out of warranty they will still replace, and as they don't manufacture older models anymore they will just send you the most up to date one out.
6. Here's the trick, they will want you to send the old, faulty one back. Obviously we don't have the speaker, so we are going to use a boxer. I'm not going to state which ones I use as there are so many on here so do some research. Alternatively, message me on telegram and I will tell you who I use. 
7. Give your prepaid label that SONOS provided to your boxer, get them to ship it, and they will auto ship a new replacement on scan. 
8. Easy, enjoy your dope ass speaker. 

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