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Easy Steps To Become A Social Engineer

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Social Engineering can be done by anyone just take practice and time.


1.) The first to take is to purchase a book/audio book on the subject. I'll recommend these 3 books to read/listen to these are just good reads overall If you're not a naturally social person these books can help change that, the key to social engineering is to be social of course.
 - Kevin Mitnick "The Art of Deception"
 - Paul Wilson "Social Engineering"
 - Robert B. Cialdini "Influence" 

2.) Practice talking on the phone a lot, call random people chat it up to get you feet wet and possibly see what information you can get out of them(I recommend having a script or a goal)

3.) Note i recommend practicing accents, something that you can actually pull off that doesn't sound like your regular voice or too goofy.

4.) With a target in mind do as much research as possible on them, google your ass off. I also recommend the app "Maltego" if you read some of the books i suggest 1 of them actually goes over the uses of Maltego.

5.) Once you're done collecting data it's time to call, these is when the accents will come in handy. call your target with them first to gather some really basic information names, coworkers, blah blah blah you get the idea. you're gather as much info as you can without blowing your cover for when you can make the real call.(this could take some time and trial and error) 

- Example say you're acting as a helpdesk person maybe call the target for a week or two on random days to gain trust 

6.) Once you've gathered enough information on what you're after make the REAL CALL if you've gained the trust of who ever is on the other end you'll get what you need. Most of the time atleast.

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