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Discord Mass DM Tool (Bot/User)+ INSTALLATION GUIDE


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Step 1
Download this zip file: https://github.com/1...d-Mass-DM-Tool/
Drag the folder to your desktop
Step 2
Open Launch.bat and install the required extensions
Step 3
Open the account you want to use for DM'ing, go to Settings > Advanced > Enable Developer Mode
Step 4
Open Discord in a browser window and log in
Step 5
Press CTRL + Shift + I 
Go to the 'Network' Tab at the top
Type 'science' into the search box Reload page if nothing shows up
Click on it, then click on the 'Headers' Tab
Scroll down until the 'Request Headers' part
At Line 8, click on 'authorization' and copy the key

Step 6

Open settings.json

Paste the 'authorization' key inbetween the "" marks

Step 7
Open script.js with a text editor
Look for Line 16

const client = new Discord.Client();

Replace it with this code

const client = new Discord.Client({ _tokenType: '' });

Step 8 (optional)

This step is necessary incase you want to send messages that require breaks and multiple lines. Most likely you want this for advertising

Look for Line 51

 MassDMTimeOut(null, timer, message);

Replace it with this code

MassDMTimeOut(null, timer, "Line1/nLine2/n/nLine3");

Using this code, the message you type into the cmd won't matter, it will always use this input. The /n tag stands for breaking the line. The output will look like this:




Step 9

Open run.bat

Always choose timeout mode (option #2)

Right click on any discord server, and choose the option at the bottom 'Copy ID' 

Paste it as Guild ID



You are also free to change discord mood and online mode on Line 23

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