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Logitech SE Tutorial [New Live Chat option included]

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Hello guys!
As you know, Logitech has opened a live chat section, so you can do SE faster!
Unluckily, this option is only enabled from Monday to Friday, but Logitech never replies on weekends.
Requirements for Logitech Live Chat SE:

1. Serial number (You can buy it on Shoppy, or generate it yourself, on Nulled there are many generators)
2. Issue of the product (At the end I'm gonna give some examples)
3. Shipping address
4. Some SE skills to make it more legit.

So, at the beginning you need to open a ticket on this website: https://support.logi...id=360000621393
Fill in problem bracket and then click on "I need more help" and fill in contact info and click "Live Chat"
Wait a minute and then a rep (representative of Logitech which will take care of your ticket) will connect with you on live chat. (It's in right bottom corner of the page, you need to fill in contact info again)
He will ask for a problem and try to help, gonna give you troubleshooting steps and you need to wait between steps to make it look more legit.
When he won't have more troubleshooting steps he will say that you need to contact place of purchase to fast replacement.
But we don't have place of purchase, so we can do it with 'gift' trick, that someone bought it for us and we don't have a receipt or invoice, or say it that we bought it from someone who said that has warranty from Logitech Support Page, so the rep will open replacement for us.
Or if you want you can give them fake receipt, invoice (I don't recommend Amazon, because they are checking it!), but they will probably ask for reason for rejecting warranty, personally, I never did that, so I don't know what to say here. You can try to say that shop has been closed due to COVID-19 and it's not selling anymore (only works with little, fake stores, NOT WALMART OR SOMETHING!!!)
They will probably ask for a picture of serial number, so you need to Photoshop it yourself or buy it from me. The rep will wait on chat, so you can tell him that your phone is discharged or you are looking for USB cable, cause you need to get this picture on your PC, the rep will wait.

After this, rep won't help you on live chat anymore, you need to wait for their emails. Sometimes they accept warranty, but sometimes they want to send more Proof of Ownership.
Possible variants:
- picture of a bottom of product with visible Serial Number and Ticket Number handwritten on piece of paper (the easiest to Photoshop),
- video of a bottom of product with visible Serial Number and Ticket Number handwritten on a piece of paper,
- video of a whole product with visible Serial Number and Ticket Number handwritten on a piece of paper,
- video of a whole product and issue showed on a PC, with visible Serial Number and Ticket Number handwritten on a piece of paper.
Every of those Proofs of Ownership you can buy from me on my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/AStPQgt. The cheapest prices on market for it!


If the Photoshop will be not good, they will ask for POD (Proof of Destruction) of the product, which you can buy here on Nulled.

So, when you will send them those proofs they can send a replacement for you, but sometimes they can reject warranty for you if the Serial Number is used (depends on Rep), I have some rep list so you can ask me on Discord Server which rep is good.
When they will send a replacement you are good. Logitech ships it via UPS or FedEx. 
If they want their product back, simply box them with dry ice or something or FTID (method not included).
And here you go, you have your Logitech product for free, it's good for resell or personal.
Personally, I don't recommend more than 6 products monthly on one address and one name.


Possible issues of a product, which nearly always passes:
- Device is not being recognized by a system anymore, so you can't apply any firmware update.
- Mouse double clicks
- Headset mic doesn't work, or headset doesn't output audio anymore.
- Wheel isn't calibrating anymore and not turning on.

Why is this method faster?
It's faster, because troubleshooting can waste time for 2-3 emails, which means 3-4 days responding on their mails. You only need to send videos or shipping address one more time. 

I tested this Live Chat method for one week, and I got 4 replacements in one week when I opened tickets same week, so it's really fast!!

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