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Amazon Money Guide & Refund - Double dip l TUTORIAL l

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Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce sites. Their customer service is most certainly overwhelmed with claims of all kinds as they sell their own products and also allow professional sellers or not to sell via their site. We will therefore abuse their customer service on the pretext of having a problem with our order. This will allow us to receive several additional items (reship) or to receive refunds. It is also possible to combine the methods to obtain one or more replacements, followed by a final reimbursement (double dip, triple dip ...). The health and history of amazon account used play a big role here.
Let's talk about accounts. We will use different types of accounts because Amazon will eventually blacklist your account and you will need to create new ones. You can easily use your personal account for this method if you do not abuse it. For a first try for example, I recommend using your Amazon account. An account with a fairly large purchase history allows you to have more credibility if you are reimbursing valuable items. On my personal account (Amazon France) I made a refund on an order at 1600 € without any question from the customer service. For a double dip, stay under the 750 €, it is better to prevent than to cure! When you create a new account, you will have to stay on the € 900 bar for an order with a unique refund! These maximum amounts depend on the country where the Amazon site depends.
Last aspect that I think important to close this introduction, funding and addresses. I gather these two points here because they have little importance at this stage of the guide. If an account is placed on blacklist, there is a very good chance that the associated payment method as well as the address will be as well. Therefore, you should prefer point-to-point deliveries close to home to work around the address problem. For the payment method, we will use Amazon gift cards that will pass us from one account to another once a refund is received. You can also use prepaid credit cards but I do not particularly like this system, these cards having mostly charges related to the transactions you make.
. . . SUMMARY. . .
. . . Chapter 1: Prerequisites. . .
. . . Chapter 2: Accounts. . .
. . . Chapter 3: Means of payment. . .
. . . Chapter 4: Order. . .
. . . Chapter 5: Receiving. . .
. . . Chapter 6: Refund & Reship. . .
. . . Chapter 7: Start again. . .
. . . Chapter 8: Recommendations. . .
. . . Chapter 1: Prerequisites. . .
At the level of prerequisites, it is quite simple. Either you use your own Amazon account and you only need your computer, your Amazon IDs and your credit card, or you create a "ghost" account and it's better to use a socks5 proxy, a virtual machine for each account. Amazon saves a lot of settings regarding connections, so it's better to protect a minimum so that they can not link accounts and blacklist them by packs.
These precautions are not essential. We will not make fraudulent payments on Amazon. The only risks you take are to see your orders canceled if they realize that you are abusing their refund system, nothing more.
Once everything is in place, let's move on to serious things.
. . . Chapter 2: Accounts. . .
One of the most important points is certainly the account you will be using. The more the account is old and has a large purchase history, the more you will be able to extract objects to Amazon.
Note that in our method, an account will actually correspond to a pack of three accounts. When you register on Amazon.FR, your account will be available on the platforms of other countries, with your addresses, your means of payment ... Only the history of purchase is specific to each country of the Amazon network.
When you create a new account, you can easily use your middle name, or register with a misspelling or typo in your last name. For example Durand becomes Durant, Dupond becomes Dupont ... Such a fault will pass without problem to recover your package in relay point.
You can find "mules" to help you receive your items. Friends or family to whom you offer a small amount of money to go retrieve a package for you ... You create an account with a totally phony name, you send your object as a gift to the mule and turn is played.
The last solution is the use of a fake ID, which will allow you (by being smart and using second name / misspelling / other ideas ...) to recover without problem 3 to 4 orders per identity . I do not recommend this at all because our goal is to take as little risk as possible.
With your account in hand and ready to order, you only need one way of payment.
. . . Chapter 3: Means of payment. . . 
Before ordering the items you want to get free of charge from Amazon, you need a means of payment because you will actually have to pay the price of the order.
If you use your personal credit card, no worries as you will be refunded directly on it, in just days.
For ghost accounts, you have the choice: a friend's or family member's card, prepaid card on which you charge the necessary amount or Amazon gift vouchers.
I used Amazon gift cards very long to make my refunds because it was simple with a little SE to transfer the balance from one account to another. This is almost impossible now. The use of cards remains profitable but to a lesser extent. So do not recommend this method at the very beginning, when your SE is not yet ready. You will have to receive two or more items to be profitable, and you will start making good profits from the third item received. Unfortunately, the cards will be permanently lost when Amazon decides to ban the account.
It is quite easy to get credit cards easily accepted by Amazon:
- Nickel Account. Mastercard and account with IBAN for 20 €
- Skrill. Paypal Contributor who provides a Mastercard
- PCS. Only if the card is in your name. Amazon asks for documents.
Only one payment method will be used on three sites each time. France, the United Kingdom and the United States. This allows you to multiply the items before you have to redo an account and find a new way of payment.
. . . Chapter 4: Command. . .
In order for this method to work, there are some small rules to follow regarding commands. The first and most important of all is that the coveted product must be sold by Amazon, or shipped by Amazon. After selecting your desired product category, check out amazon.com in the list of available sellers.
It is imperative to buy a product sold by Amazon, otherwise it will be almost impossible to get it returned or refunded. Customer service only works for these products!
This small annotation ensures that refund or reshipment is available for this product. All you have to do is order. Choose the fastest delivery, fees will also be refunded.
As soon as you have placed your order, you wait quietly 1 or 2 days the arrival of your package, which makes us arrive at the next chapter of this guide, receipt of orders.
. . . Chapter 5: Receiving. . .
Receiving your order is also an important step for the procedure. You will have to adapt according to the method chosen for the delivery of your order.
If it's a ghost account and you have a false ID to that name, no worries. Make sure that the relay point is not too picky on the ID check. I had a dozen key-boxes delivered to the relay points in the vicinity to check which places were least relevant to the checks. Of the dozen relays tested, only one made a photocopy of my ID, all the others barely looked at it to control the name ...
You can also have it delivered as a gift on behalf of a friend, who will pick it up for you. He only has to take the package, sign the receipt and give you the package. Same principle if you have delivered at home, but make sure you scribbled a bogus signature. They may have kept a copy of the delivery receipts if you have already received orders from them. A fake signature will allow you to simulate a parcel flight without any problem.
I had only one time a concern with my relay point. The delivery of my key holder had been carried out without any concern, on the other hand this relay point does not accept bulky parcels. When delivering a rather large order, they redirected my package to another relay point. Not too much concern because it was on behalf of a friend with a passport all that is most normal, but be careful though if you order with a fake ID. The risks are quite different if you pick up a simple "honest" order at the corner relay point or if you show a fake ID. In the worst case, the order is not withdrawn and you can be reimbursed without any problem. Do not take risks if you use this kind of counterfeit documents.
If you would like to test the relay points in the corner to use a lost identity card statement, do not hesitate to simulate an order on Amazon for a list of relay points near you, then call claiming to have lost your ID. Ask for some information regarding the recovery of your imaginary package that must arrive at home in the next few days. You may be able to present them with a scan or a loss report. Be inventive!
Please still order on Amazon.co.uk with a home delivery. This is the simplest for the refund.
. . . Chapter 6: Refund & Reship. . .
That's it, you received your order, it's time to get your money! After all, you did not buy this guide to learn how to order from Amazon :) We will take several examples to try to cover as many situations as possible.
. . . Example 1: Reship France. . .
In the first case I will explain, I order two video game consoles. The consoles are ordered from a real amazon.fr account with a good order history and aged about 3 years. My plan is this: To have two consoles delivered in relay point, I keep them for my apple (and yes, it is necessary to take care between two commands ...) then I have sent two to resell them, and finally I get reimbursed by the generous Amazon company. The recovery is done two days later by me in the relay point I had chosen. Signature and identification required.
So I leave two or three days after reception, then go to amazon.fr to ask or is my order for which I pay a max a delivery in two days. Several solutions to contact them, but I recommend the phone or Chat online. This allows you to have a direct contact to process your request. Simply say your package is marked as "delivered" in your history but you have not received anything. They will probably check, insist on the fact that you have not received anything and the turn is played.
Replaced order. Here is the initial order:
And now the replacement command:
 This type of excuse works mainly if you have had a package without a signature. I order now on amazon.co.uk in order to be sure that I will receive a package without signature. It is quite simple then to proceed to a double dip by being sent back the object first, then by having it refunded. A maximum price of 500 € to 600 € is still to be kept as a limit not to have investigations too advanced on the part of the customer service.
. . . Example 2: Double DIP UK. . .
Another example, this time a fresh one on amazon.co.uk. The advantage with this site is that the packages are delivered without signature. A gold mine for our technique given that they will not even want to know or is the package. If you do not speak English very well, one or two emails sent from their website will be large enough to get a new replacement order. This is the site I use for double dip, British customer service seems to be by far the least looking.
This is the first time we have reship our console, already resold ... Click to start on the "HELP" link from the menu at the top of the main page.
When the help page loads, choose the "Need more help?", Then "Contact us" as in the image below.
 A new page opens with a list of your latest orders, followed by a form. Check the item (s) you wish to have refunded or returned, then go down slightly to arrive on the contact form. It consists of a drop box and a few contact buttons.
From the drop-down list, choose "Where's my stuff?" And click the "Send us an e-mail" button.
All you have to do is explain clearly that you are waiting for your package but that it is announced as being delivered in the orders page. If more information is requested after the first email, insist on pretext to have already called the local post, which ensures that you no longer have the parcel in their possession.
 Small copy of the email received just 2 hours later :
 All that remains is to wait for the new package, which will be delivered again with or without a signature, and this time demand a full refund.
Once the new package is received, simply repeat the same procedure. Invent a reason why you no longer wish to keep this order (for example, the anniversary date) and to justify a refund. We will get a double dip: two items + refund.
Here is a copy of the second email received a little later, and announcing that our order will be fully refunded:
. . . Chapter 7: Start again. . .
Once your products have been received and retained / resold, you will only have one idea in mind: start again! Believe me, after the first orders made without any problem, you will spend a lot of time browsing the Amazon site to find your next home theater or this professional wireless drill that costs the skin of the c .. but would be handy .
The biggest worry you will encounter is time ... Depending on the funds you have at the outset, you will not be able to multiply the orders until you have received and resold the items you ordered. As soon as you have set up a working fund, you will be able to place several orders a week, provided that you are able to ensure the creation of the accounts and the receipt / resale of the goods.
I imagine that creating new accounts can seem pretty tedious, considering the use of a virtual machine for each new account, but if you place an order per week, it's about 2 hours of work per month, this is ridiculous and ensures a success rate of 100%
. . . Chapter 8: Recommendations. . .
My main recommendation will be security. This technique will certainly never allow you to become a millionaire, it is scheduled mainly to make a few tickets by doing practically nothing. It would be a shame to spoil everything by trying to refund multiple orders and seeing his blacklisted account, and therefore the canceled refund. Take your time, and multiply accounts if you want to use the technique on a large scale. Spend some real commands if you want to reuse the same account again.
Another important point if you want to make money is to take mainly objects that will sell very quickly. I have tried quite a few objects and quite a few ways to resell what I order, so I will give you some tips so you can save some time.
The best way to resell your items is by far the best. This site allows you to get cash very quickly if you resell by hand. On the other hand as you are limited geographically, avoid looking to resell a box of the discography of an unknown Jazz player ... Such an object will certainly find taker at good price, but rarely in your city.
You can also go through ebay, but you will need an ebay account, a Paypal account, go to the post office to ship your package ... it takes time and costs much more than a hand in hand against cash well fresh.
After testing a number of different products for resale, I know that the latest generation consoles are a sure bet. This is usually resold in the day for a price not far from its original value. Branded power tools (drills, screwdrivers, etc.) also sell quite well. I have had bad experiences with smartphones, receiving exclusively proposals for exchanges against other mobile phones, I was even offered an exchange against a used minivan (I let you imagine the state, the smartphone that I proposed was at 550 € ...) or another exchange of a video game console against a mountain bike ...
Do not forget, just take what will please the greatest number. To keep the example of the consoles, take packs with games very expected, or with monuments of the video game. You will always find a buyer quickly for a title like Fifa.
If you miss ideas about the items you want to resell, or if you want to test a niche before placing an order, do not hesitate to post phony ads on theboin to see how many calls and emails you will receive . This is a very good indicator of the interest that people have in this type of property.
I will conclude these recommendations with another way to make money through this method: sell your services. Do not hesitate to offer a refund Amazon service to people who can use it, in exchange for a percentage of the value of the item you will be reimbursing. You will have almost nothing to do and no investment to foresee.


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