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How To Get Chipotle For Free

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NOTE: This method can only be done ONCE per physical address (2 Coupons Possible)

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    Visit Chipotle's Contact Me Link: https://www.chipotle.com/email-us

    Select "Comments + Questions"

    Select "Restaurant Feedback"

    Navigate to the location of your local Chipotle

    Select a date and time (within the past 48 hours)

    Enter contact information - IMPORTANT - YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS MUST BE VALID

    In the "Message" Section - Type a story about how your food was bad at the restaurant (examples below)

    Click submit and wait 1-2 business days

    A Chipotle Employee will e-mail you and ask you for your mailing address - they will send 1 (or 2 - depending on your story) FREE Burrito Cards to your address

Example Stories:

NOTE: Don't be an asshole in these stories - don't claim food poisoning or anything of that nature - that could get someone fired. These are all straightforward - you can easily create your own or try one of these


2 Coupon Possibilities:

"My girlfriend and I got burrito bowls at your establishment and the rice was cold! Everything else was warm but the rice was cold and stale. We figured we'd let you know because it was a horrible dining experience and we won't be back!"

"I ordered a bowl and your employee behind the counter prepared it with the wrong kind of rice and the wrong beans... When I told him, he just said "sorry" and continued making me the incorrect bowl.. I paid for it and left. I tried to still eat it, but it's not the same (obviously....).... I'm not happy. This is ridiculous."

1 Coupon Possibilities:

"I went into the store and the entire restaurant was a disaster. The floors were gross, the tables all had trash and napkins on them. I left without ordering because I don't trust the sanitation at this store."

"The staff were pretty rude. They kept sighing after everything I asked for on my burrito. I didn't know saying "Can I have brown rice, black beans, and steak, please" called for a giant sigh in return.  I'm Super dissatisfied with your store's customer service."

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