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Device with internet.

Phone numbers.

First of all you need to be street smart. When restaurants have problems such as maintenance or something like that they forget to tell Deliveroo about it. So Deliveroo will show the restaurant as open. Their are multiple ways to know if a restaurant  will be under maintenance as they are scheduled ahead of time. So the simplest thing to do is to ask. You can go to a food court and see if any restaurants that are on Deliveroo have maintenance planned. Another thing you can do is watch the news. If a restaurant burns down you can make a order on Deliveroo. Once you find a good restaurant that you know is closed. Order from it using Deliveroo Make sure to pay using a credit card. Because the restaurant is closed the driver can't pick it up. So he will call Deliveroo Head Quarters and they will tell him to leave and not do your order. Wait 1-3 hours and you should get a call from Deliveroo saying they can't deliver your order so they will refund you and give you store credit. It's different for every country but I got the equivalent of $10. Now you might think this isn't unlimited it's just a one time $10 thing. But if you create multiple accounts and order from the restaurant you can get as much money as you want. You should add a different number to each accounts so that they won't get suspicious. The store credit lasts for 1 month. I tried this myself and I can guarantee that it works.
Thanks for taking the time to read this have a good day.

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