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First off all, you need a service tag from an Alienware aurora desktop PC that has a good graphic card. You can find those on ebay.

Once, you have your service tag, you contact dell and tell them the fan of your GPU stopped rotating. Insist on the fact that it's causing your PC to overheat and it keeps shutting down every time you turn it ON.

They will try to troubleshoot your case. Just tell them : "how am I supposed to do what you said when my PC keeps shutting down ?". 

After this, he will propose you to repair your device. Tell him you don't want that because you're using that PC for work and there's only one part that is defective and you can change it yourself if they send you a new one. 

Also remind him that your warranty covers part changes.


He will ask his supervisor's approval and they'll send you the GPU within 1 day.

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