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[REFUNDING] Popular Methods

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1. Empty Box Method
Being the most well known method, its success rate is still pretty high. All you have to do is simply contact
Amazon and say that the box you had received was empty. It’s important to mention that the box was in a
perfect condition and was unopened since this will most likely allow you to dodge an investigation. If the rep is
being a bitch, simply disconnect the chat before it goes too far and he launches an investigation. It is important
to do this because reps can’t start investigations if they don’t have sufficient information about the case.

2. Item never arrived
This method is definitely trickier to pull off than saying that the box was empty, but it is doable and still has a
high success rate. Please notice that you should only do this if the package was signed in a name that is
different to what is should be signed as. What you need to say is that you never received the package and that
you’re very, very pissed off because you need the item for tomorrow for whatever reason. I find birthdays to be
a good excuse.

3. Part of the item wasn’t in the parcel
If you order an item that comes in multiple pieces, you simply have to say that one of the pieces was not
included in the package and you can’t find it on amazon store. They will usually offer to replace the whole order
and all you have to do is either agree and then apply one of the above methods in order to double dip or you
agree and call them back saying that you want a refund instead.

4. Dangerous substance leak
If your item contains a battery, say that the battery was leaking upon opening the parcel and you need
replacement. If you ask them for a refund, they will get suspicious so it is always better to call back and say
that you have changed your mind. You can also order like a nail with the item and say that it spilled all over the
box. If they ask you to return the defective product, simply say that you had to throw it away because you have
kids or animals in the house and you didn’t want anyone to get hurt. You can also say that sending the item
back is illegal since it’s a bio hazard. The rep should fuck off and give in
Double Dipping is simple. All you need to do is simply choose a replacement instead of a refund and
then apply another method. Double dipping really isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be. But
please be aware that it’s best to keep it under $500 when you DD. Triple Dip the item if you want a
challenge but be reasonable!

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