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6 Free SE Methods For QUICK CASH or FREE STUFF

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Uber rides
Step 1 - Book A ride On Uber And Pay For Your Ride Online..
Step 2 - After Ride Was Successfull.. Contact Support..
Step 3 - Tell Support That Your Phone Iz Stolen/Lost And Someone Booked A Ride...
Step 4 - After That They Will Refund U The Ride..
Step 5 - Not Only They Refund The Ride They Will Give 5$ Voucher For Next Ride.

Free Dell Monitor
1. Go to Ebay or similar sites and find a picture of the service tag and serial number of
the monitor.
2. Go to Dell Support website and enter in the service tag. Then live chat or call them
up. Make up a realistic complaint like the screen won't turn on. (Don't always use this as the method will get washed fast)
3. They will troubleshoot, just say nothing works everytime they ask.
4. Now they might ask you for you to write down your name, service request number,
and date and time on a piece of paper, and show it next to the monitor's service tag.
This is where the picture from step 1 comes in handy.
What you do is you write down the request information on a piece of paper, and photoshop
that onto the picture from Step 1.

If they ever ask for POP(proof of purchase) say it's a gift

5. Done! Now they will take 2 minutes to "verify" it and they will authorize the

Free stuff on Wish
1. Pick any item you want on Wish between $10 and $200
2. Go to checkout and select the “pay half now pay later” option
3. IMPORTANT Select the latest day it requires you to pay for the item. (If you do so, the item will surely come in before you have to pay the other half)
4. Once your item comes, file a claim with customer support that it’s defective or broken.
5. Wish will apologize and refund you the money as well as let you keep the item.
6. Enjoy!

Free Graphics Card
The way this works is that we complain to HP that our GTX is not working. To do this, find a computer they sell (Omen desktop) that has a graphics card that YOU want and find the serial code for that. So if I want the RTX 2080, im going to find a computer on the HP website that has it. Then I can go into EBAY and search up that computer to see if anyone is selling it, then ask for the serial code. MAKE SURE THAT THE COMPUTER IS STILL UNDER WARRANTY. You can check that at their customer support site.

After you've obtained the serial code, follow these steps.

1. Call HP, Tell them that the computer turns on but the graphics card is not running. (Fans wont spin, computer screen is black). Tell them that you've tried to fix it by taking it out, cleaning it and then putting it back in, but then it still doesn't want to work.

2. Explain how you've read online on options to try to fix it and it still doesn't want to work.

3. They will ask you to ship in the computer for a repair, tell them that you have important work and school stuff on your drive, and you're only asking for a replacement on the graphics card.

4. They'll ask for your card number before shipping it out because they want to make sure that you'll ship the "broken graphics card". Give them a privacy card. They'll be able to charge $1 on it to test it and then ship it out.

5. Make sure to say that you REALLY need the data on your computer, they cannot decline it. If you have to, cry on the phone about how you have exams next week that decide what college you go to (yes i had to do this lol)

6. Bam, you just got yourself a free graphics card

Free Iphone

1. Go on ebay and look for Iphones with a warranty

2. Steal the warranty code and go on apple.com and say you need a repair.

3. Wait about a week and they will give you a shipping box to put"your phone inside".

Dont put anything inside the box instead get a knife and cut open the box from the side as

if a worker has tampered with the box and stole the phone.

4. Apple will email you about how they lost your phone and will need you to call them

urgently. In the call you will be offered the same phone back to the shipping address

of where the box was sent.

5. Within a week you get a free phone (The phone with the warranty like the actual one

will be deactivated LOL)

Airpod Pro Upgrade

1 - Order on amazon.com airpods with wireless box and wait to receive them or if already have a pair that is in good condition proceed to step 2.

2 - Contact customer service and say something like this:

" Hi, I just received my airpods but they do not match the version I ordered. These are

the first gen/second and I ordered the airpod pros with the wireless case. Can you help me send them

back? " (Don't say the same thing! Switch up the story just a bit for maximum success)

You can also say that those you have received are already used and connected to another


3 - They will apologize and explain how to send them back

4 - Return your old airpods and keep the new ones

5 - Wait for the refund

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