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Logitech SE Method For Beginners

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Logitech SE Guide :pepomusic: 
1. Get a Serial Number for the Logitech product you want to get, You can buy serial numbers from me if you would like to. They're all usually checked and validated so you're not ending up with a serial that doesn't work.

2. Contact Logitech, you'll be paired with a representative. Logitech service representatives are notoriously arbitrary, their decision can heavily be influenced on their mood, if they're new to the company or if they're simply following their guidelines detail to detail.

Recommend to open a few tickets on the same product to have the best chance of succeeding. 


3. Here is a list of stuff you could say:
Keyboard: Some keys are not at all functioning/WASD keys for gaming keyboards usually have them from the start.
Mouse: The mouse sensor isn't working or doesn't turn on at all when plugged in.
Steering Wheel: The steering wheel keeps cutting in and out/Not working at all.
Speakers: The speakers are only produce loud static.
Brio Webcam: The camera isn't being detected by any PC.

4. Say you got the product as a gift or make a fake POP through Photoshop. 


Logitech have the ability to check those and will quickly work you out.

5. Then they will ask for a Photo/Video of the serial number along with a photo of the product with a piece of paper next to it with the case number written down on it.

This is where you'll need to do some Photoshopping, find a photo online and do your Photoshop magic that way, Or you can contact me and i will Photoshop it for you.

5. Once you've sent them the photo/video, these are the potential outcomes. What you sent them was good and they will ask for you address in order to send the replacement to.

They are suspicious with what you provided and they will ask for a POD (Proof Of Destruction) which is a video where you destroy the product while filming it.


6. Enjoy your new Logitech Products! :feelsamazingman:

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