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Hello everyone, I'm going to present you the method I used for SE of lenovo monitor in France.
I want to specify France because I have seen a lot of post for SE lenovo in USA and their replacement system is not the same.
For this SE you don't need any skills in the field !

Requirement :

- SN advence exchange your country (look at the product section or some people's Sellix)
- Prepaid card and a phone (I personally took an unlimited top-up, I find it safer)
- Fake name (Always the same security)
- An email address ( With first name and last name in the address )
- Drop Address
- Photo of the monitor ( Front and Back / SN )
- Invoice (No invoice from amazon but all other sites are OK )

Bonus : It won't be useful for everyone but before doing any of the above, I take a paper and write down all the previous information.
It's a good way if you're a beginner not to make mistakes on the phone or to stress when you're asked a question.

Step by step:

1)Go to the Lenovo warranty and writte in your serial number to see if the product is still under warranty.

2)Take your paper and call Lenovo . Explain them your problem, don't let them talk ... I explain myself, tell them with a voice not neviouse but more in a depressing, tell you have a black screen but the indicator light is on, you tried several hdmi cable, connect to the central unit of your father and even try the youtubes tutorials.
Usually the technician will tell you that there is no miraculous troubleshooting for the monitors anyway. If it is necessary to ask for manipulation, make it seem especially, make noise etc.!

3) At this point, if all goes well, he should explain to you how their replacement system works. It is necessary to ask your name, e-mail address, phone number etc., take your paper and read nothing complicated.
You should ask to send him by email a picture of the front of the screen with and without flash, a picture of the back of the screen with and without flash and then one of the serial number with and without flash.

4) Contact a person who do the photoshop of picture and invoice, he will do it for you without any problem. Above all do not test yourself if you are a beginner error and fail!
I advise you DrPhtoshop really very professional and a magnificent work nothing to say !

5) Once you have sent the photos, wait a few days and you should receive an email telling you that the replacement request was accepted and should receive your replacement monitor.

6)Ask him to send to Drop address because you have a lot of work and no change of schedule. Also ask them to track the package

Here, I hope that this will help beginners! I think that this method is applicable in all Europe.
This is my first post, so be indulgent on mistakes !

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