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We do not tolerate any form of fraud, and we take this issue very seriously. Fuck Right Off!


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https://prnt.sc/oipybj - https://prnt.sc/oipyf9 - http://prntscr.com/oipxik

The company we will be SE'ing is No Cow. Once again leave a like if this worked for you, it's been tested a few times so as of now, it is working!


*Now they ask for the LOT number on the bar because of "fraudulent" activity, go on eBay, Cragslist, whatever and ask for the expiration date picture so you can make sure it's not expired before you buy it, the lot # should be right beside it.

1. Contact No Cow at https://nocow.com/contact-us/

2. Fill out the fields, and for what the issue was say something along the lines of "I ordered a pack of [amount of bars] from amazon but they were all expired/tasted like ass/were moldy" whatever excuse you want.

3. They will contact you back saying who the seller was, reply by saying "No Cow"

4. They might ask for a picture of the bars, use photoshop or say you already threw them out.

5. They will ask for a receipt and order summary, pretty self explanatory, make a receipt, use inspect element for the order summary.

6. Now they will say we can compensate you in 2 ways, a gift card or replacement bars, say whichever one you want, I chose gift card.

7. They will send you a gift card for the amount of the bars.

8. If you want more money, make a receipt of bars with a higher value, such as a pack of 24 worth like $40-$50.

9. Leave a like!


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