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[TUTORIAL] Get as many shipping address as you want for free! Good for Fitbit and other sites that are easy to SE. Legal method worth a lot of $$

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1) Go to google maps, and find address of one of following: university, small local hotel, restaurant, city hall, school or anything else that have a reception.
Reception is required because only this way no one will open your package.
An employee must work there because if you pick too small company where is employed less than 3 peoples then package will probably go strictly to the company owner.
If you won't inform them before delivery you will make them confussed because address will be correct but they won't recognise recipient.
When they receive delivery go to them and tell them that your delivery has been shipped to the wrong address and you want to take it back.
Sorry them a lot and tell them that your browser autofill their address.

2) Also you can inform them before (imho the best one):
Just send package to your "new shipping address" and in the day of delivery tell them that you or your browser unfortunly fill their address as shipping address for your package.
Tell them that they won't have to pay anything for it, and you would be greatefull if someone could take and keep it for you.
Tell them that you tryied to change place of receipt but it's too late and you can't do anything about that.

3) Other thing that you could try is just type 100% wrong address and correct phone number.
Type street in your city that you know it doesn't exist.
If you picked DHL/UPS/DPD or something like this they probably will contact with you via phone.
Tell them that you're wanted receive your package in other city (that the street exist) but that's your fault and you can contact with the courier and take package in a convenient place for both sides.
If you don't want to talk with them via phone, just go on the tracking site and change delivery address.

I don't know how it is in your country but they didn't ask me for my ID or even my name never in my life.
You just need to tell him who is the recipient of the parcel.

You can order many items on this address but place order in the same day to make it look like a coincidence.


What if they do?

If your name have wired characters, like this: Szôllôsi László you can do this trick:
Remove wired characters from name: Szllsi Lszl
If they ask you: tell them that you type it correctly but system the system does not accept such characters and removed it without your knowledge.

What if you have typical name like: Frank Rothstein ??
Type it like this: Frnk Rohtein or Frnak Rethstin or something like this so, for example: fitbit's system won't recognise you.
If they ask for id tell them that you ordered package via phone and the service has made a mistake.


By the way, something of which I've done it a long time ago:
For delivery company does not matter what's your name!
Name: Spencer Burton
Street Address 1: ul. Trakt ÅšwiÄ™tego Wojciecha 125
Address 2 (Apt #, Suite, Floor): Gift for my friend
Postal Code: 80-043 
City: Gdańsk
State: Pomorskie
Country: Poland
The only thing that matter is:
Street Address 1: ul. Trakt Świętego Wojciecha 125
Postal Code: 80-043
But it can differ depending on the country.


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