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We do not tolerate any form of fraud, and we take this issue very seriously. Fuck Right off!

Selection of passwords for MetaMask / Bitcoin Core / Exodus wallets.


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Why me?
1 - I have more than 4 years of experience in this field, I have been working on exploit and xss for more than 3 years.
2 - Cluster power - x30 4090, x30 3080ti, x700 570, high processing speed.
3 - Additionally, I can mix coins, at the output you will receive a clean currency in your wallet.
4 - Individual approach to each client.
5 - The process is controlled through a web panel, all attack methods are involved -a 0, -a 1, -a 3, -a 6, -a 7, rules, masks.
6 - A competent approach to work, I guarantee complete confidentiality and anonymity.
7 - Daily online.

Conditions of working with me:
You need to provide me with the wallet address and files (log), information about your target.

I do not take material, public logs into the work of the CIS. I can refuse the service without explanation.

You personally, automatically accept all the conditions and agree that this online service does not bear any responsibility for the preservation of funds on the wallet that you provided, if they are transferred by someone (you personally, a holder, another cracker) to another address, this item is indicated in order to protect against unscrupulous potential customers.

From $5,000 to $49,999 - 60% is given to you.
From $50,000 - 70% is given to you.

jabber [email protected]
Tox: 4CD494D62A64101AB0D3E7FAD9C4C7B97790CF74A10DD8234F5CFA6AC65F6F22BC23BE4574CF

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