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How to get free Visa Gift Cards

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Most of the gift card methods revolve around this:




All you have to do is find a retailer/company giving away free items with a purchase of their product. For instance a big one in my country right now is a company that is including a $100 visa card and sending it to any address after you have uploaded proof of purchase.


  his can be easily faked by generating or editing one (see my previous guide to edit receipts). Sometimes they ask for serial or a pic, (Ebay is your friend or go in store and take a sneeky pic). Or simply say your phone camera is broken  :smug:.


This doesn't only work for visa gift cards but also other products.


Simply make a fake receipt of the item you were meant to purchase so they think you bought it and they send you the 'GIFT', which in this case in the gift card.


The best way to find these places that have these gifts is by doing your own research or going into the stores yourself.


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