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Ebay refund method | I refunded over $3K

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Hello everyone, today i'll share with you a method i used to refund every ebay item i bought there.

So first you will need to buy with Paypal & your ebay account needs some reputation.


How to get reputation?

Buy cheap stuff like $0.99, spend like $10 on cheap stuff so you can gain reputation. (My account has 300+ reputation and refunding is way easy for me)


How to refund?

First off: If you buy something expensive i'll explain down below but let's start with the cheap items.

You go to Ebay and buy let's say headphones for $7.99. When you receive log-in your Ebay account and check the store you bought it from, if the store has lots of reputation/items for sale just mark as never received and they will say "Wait a couple more days" After 3 days contact them again saying you need a refund and Boom! you will get the refund 

This works 100% I refunded every item i bought on ebay with that way.

So let me re-write it step by step.

1. You buy any item under $20-30
2.You wait for it to arrive/pass their estimate time
3. You check their store (if they have many many items / reputation means they got no time to track it etc)

4. If they have many likes/rep as i said you mark the item as never received

5. They will tell you to wait a few days and then after that you will contact them again and say "It's been 5 days i still haven't receive"
6. Get your 100% Refund on your paypal.


Now how to refund expensive stuff?

I refunded phones, 50% of my computer, tablet etc.

1. You buy any item under 50$+
2. You wait for the item to arrive (let's say you buy a phone)

3. After you receive the phone you call the store saying "I received my phone but it's not working fine, it's so slow and won't open anything"

4.They will tell you "Send us a video/photo"

5. Reply saying "I don't have any other phone to write and i'm writing you from my computer"

6.They will offer you either a full refund or 50-75% refund


I bought total : $4.5K orders and got $3.3K back 


NOTE: You can change the message situation, you can write something else but i'm saying this method works fine. For orders more than $100 you tell them that they are slowly/not working and so on. For orders $20-30 and lower you tell them you never received the items.


I bought a computer there $450, when i received the computer i managed to get $230 back.
I pm'ed him saying "I paid a fee of $90 for the custom" 
Then said "My graphic card has problems, my computer is freezing, it's slow"

And they agreed to refund $230.

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