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Emails & Plain text passwords. FREE ! 23.7 GB


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Free means, take it or leave it, no stupid questions. I just happened to see this shit & thought someone here might want them. 

   These are from an Amazon S3 bucket & are Emails & Plain text passwords. FREE !! 
    Hope someone wants them & if they don't, just go on to something else. 
    I know nothing about the source & have no use for them myself.    ********* READ THAT ************
    The last file I posted, sort of like this, I deleted after I posted it. I will do the same with this shit, I'm only doing this because I ran into them & know some of you collect this shit. 
    Hope you will think about me when you find something I collect. ( not that it will happen, but I keep hoping. lol! ) 


    bucket name:  webscrapingdata.s3.amazonaws.com    

  https://gofile.io/d/ZvuQTK   (to download it) 

    Emails & Passwords [plain text].7z  (23.7 GB)

    AGAIN: FREE, so if you want it, take it, if not, see ya later !
      Might go good with the other one I posted.

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