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Logitech Method with S/N Editable Pics(Psd)

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1. Open up a Logitech technical support email.( https://support.logi...?ticket_form_id )
Go to technical support, and products skip this step, and describe the issue with the product you are trying to SE.(Use your mind)

2. Wait for email to confirm. With automated email confirmation if request is made.

3. If email is confirmed then wait for agent to answer.

4. Once you have a agent. Make up any issue. Say it's half working or not working. For headsets you can say only one side of the headset is working. Etc.

5. They will ask for receipt provide them with a fake receipt preferably not Amazon cause they check sometimes. Use physical print out the template or photoshop it into a background with the case number if needed.

6. Use the Photoshop template to create pic.

7. If everything goes well then they will send replacement.

You'll have to provide the address and number use the clients address for that and make a textmenow number or use a fake generator number doesn't matter.

Logitech SE are really simple.


Editable Pics (PSD):



Serial Number and an invoice

(From what I have gathered, Logitech seem to differentiate their proof requirements based on the value of the product you're SEing. Though I could be wrong.

If your item originally costs UNDER £200 from the logitech website, they typically only ask for a couple of pictures of the device itself, and one of the serial number.)


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