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Conti Pentester Guide Leak


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Conti Pentester Guide Leak

Link: https://github.com/ForbiddenProgrammer/conti-pentester-guide-leak

This repository was created to archive leaked leaked pentesting materials, which were previously given to Conti ransomware group affilates

Mentioned materials covers topics such us:

configure the Rclone software with a MEGA for data exfiltration

configure the AnyDesk software as a persistence and remote access solution into a victim’s network

elevate and gain admin rights inside a company’s hacked network

take over domain controllers

dump passwords from Active Directories

connect to hacked networks via RDP using a Ngrok secure tunnel

install the Metasploit pen-testing framework on a VPS

brute-force routers, NAS devices, and security cameras

configure and use the Cobalt Strike agent

perform a Kerberoasting attack

use the NetScan tool to scan internal networks

disable Windows Defender protections

delete shadow volume copies

configuring operating system to use the Tor and more

Leaked content will give you more insight into how ransomware operators perform their attacks. Futhermore, you can improve your own pentesting skills. Defenders will also benefit from this - you can more eaisly detect and block Conti affilates attacks.

NOTE: Archive containing CobaltStrike crack was removed to please GitHub's Terms of Service.

NOTE2: Materials are written in Russian language (however, due to misspells, threat actor is believed to be Ukrainian citizen)

NOTE3: If something requires password, try "xss.is"

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