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For Normal people: The Klarna app is used to finance purchases into 4 interest free payments on just about any site. (Buy Now Pay Later)


FOR REFUNDERS: The Klarna app can be used as a protective boundary from companies. Sorta like the huge forcefield around Wakanda  :dogekek:




Klarna creates "Ghost Cards" which are temporary prepaid cards for available for only 1 use. It activates the card for 24 hours to make an online purchase with. After that you will be charged 1 of the 4 payments. It creates a ghost card for EVERY purchase. 


What does this mean for us:

  1. The chance of a rebill is 0% because the card is no longer valid after 24 hours.
  2. You won't have to worry about requesting new bank cards and credit cards over and over.
  3. You won't be flagged in refunding investigations for using the same payment.
  4. The app basically gives you an endless list of potential targets. 
  5. You will only have to invest 1/4 of the price of your product. Maybe 1/2 depending on how long the refund takes.    


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