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How To Refund Amazon 2020

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Before i give you the method i would recommend a virtual card site will be weird if you get a'lot of refunds to your main bank 



1. First make an amazon account amazon.co.uk or amazon.com [I think other countries work not tested i know these work i would recommend an aged amazon account so it doesn't seem bait] 

2. Find the item you want i would recommend £100 - £300 usually don't investigate with this amount higher amounts they will most likely investigate but you can do £500-£2k orders but might fail

3.make sure the order is from amazon and not some other seller or it will probably fail.

4.Make sure to fake sign when comes or put note on door and say leave package at the back of the house is the best method don't sign is the best.


5. Wait 2 days after it has been delivered then head over to amazon live chat and make up a good excuse like when the item came the package to your house say it says delivered but the item name came and they will say something like did you check your neighbors and say something like that was the first place you checked and they said they didn't get it also another method is like the box was empty this is personally the best but i say it never came mostly.


6. They will give you the refund on the spot depends how far they look into your order but sometimes they investigate if they investigate they will most likely ask the delivery driver if they delivered the package but sometimes they cant remember but you will usually get refund anyway.


7. If they are investigating you should get an email back with refund if it fails just wait few months and go back it worked for me idek why i just go back and beg them again and it works if fails you can always return the item if you don't open it.

8. This can be bad but sometimes if they investigate the delivery driver might come to your house mad because amazon notify the delivery driver if they investigate it doesn't usually happen but sometimes it does. just say its all good i have  dealt with it with amazon nothing is wrong to stop you getting in serious trouble. 


9. Don't abuse this your address can get blacklisted i would recommend buying stuff for £1 and get some legit orders so doesn't seem bait more success rate aswell  


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