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Lenovo AR/AE Method

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Lenovo AR/AE (Advanced Replacement/Advanced Exchange)

For some reason this is fairly old but not many people know it (?)
1. Get a Lenovo Monitor AR serial, there's plenty out there, you can gen it yourself or buy it from someone.
2. Call them up or email (I recommend calling because it will take them forever to reply to your emails, I did call so below are steps I did for call)
3. Say it's broken, won't turn on, any easy reason you can easily photoshop an issue photo.
4. They'll ask for
- Your ID.
- Serial + Serial picture from monitor
- Receipt/Invoice
- Picture of issue
^ If you're calling, they're going to ask you to send them to an email, they'll spell it out but it's '[email protected]'
You can bypass ID by saying you're 16, and you don't have one yet, they're not that strict on receipts so any works (avoid Amazon, I used a custom one)
For serials just simple photoshopping, backside from monitors can be found everywhere on eBay, or from YouTube videos
5. They'll process your info, takes about a week or 2, then they'll ask you to confirm your address, then they'll process your request, tracking gets sent about 2-3 days later.
6. Once you receive your monitor, throw away the return label.
* Please use a reship/drop address/fake name (I personally did to my resy addy, but fake name)
* They don't bill, even if they do, there are plenty of reasons you can get away even if they came to your house, someone abused my address, I just moved in, don't know that person,... You can finish your SE up by FTIDing them if you want.

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