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[HQ] How to get free Bose Products - Unlimited S/N Included

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- Get a serial number
(You can go to any shop and take the S/N from under the box | You can find dumps on Nulled | You can use the SN I give you 078702Z81191215AE <-- Play with the numbers so you can have unlimited SNs)


- Go to https://www.bose.com...ir_request.html

- Insert the SN and press Find My Product

- Then press This is my product


- Describe the problem: "No sound from one side" "Not turning on" (BE CREATIVE!)

- On the next page choose what color you want


- Fill the form with your info and you will receive a label to your mail


- At this point you have to box them personally or hire a boxer

(I would recommend to hire a boxer tho:



- Now you have to wait at least 14 days - after that you have to contact them through call or text (calling them gives you a higher success rate) and start saying that you sent your products time ago but you still didn't get anything. (they will check the tracking number of the product you sent and ensure that it has been delivered)


- You'll receive your product within 72 hours! Enjoy

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