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1. Buy a game key off CDKEYS.com off of PayPal (IMPORTANT)
2. Straight after you receive your key try to use the key as soon as possible and after redeeming the key make a new account on that same platform and try redeem the same key and take a screenshot of it being invalid.
3. Open a dispute on PayPal for that CDkeys purchase and select 'Item is not as described'
4. Say something like this, | Hello, I just bought a game key off of thi sellers website, after purchase I received the key to my email, which was fine and I was so excited to redeem the key, however when I went to redeem the key on the games website it said that the code had 'Already been used or invalid', This was the first time buying off the website and will be the last!'
5. Submit the claim and then escalate the claim straight to PayPal and add that you had contaced the livechat and they said to contact PayPal about it.
6. In about 3-5 days you will receive your full refund!

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