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What you will need:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (You can download it on Nulled).
  • A photo that you want to make a video out of.
  • A random video with hand movement (You can film it yourself)



  1. Get a photo that you want to use (E.g. A picture of the serial number)
  2. Import it to your Adobe Premiere.
  3. Film a video with your phone and move it naturally (This movement will transfer to your photo)
  4. Import the video to Premiere as well. Put it over the photo.
  5. Cut the video and photo to the length you want it to be.
  6. Nest them into a sequence.
  7. Go to effects tab and search for Warp Stabilizer and put it on your sequence.
  8. Set it as No Motion and Position, Scale, Rotation.
  9. Go back to the original footage and click on the eye symbol on your video to make it invisible.
  10. Go to your sequence and now you have your video with just a photo. 


You can also watch this video below and it will explain it in depth.


Watch Here


Now when you have the video you can use it for Social Engineering  :go: 

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