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Requirements to do the method :

You need to be able to lie IRL without starting to panick or something. It may sound easy but it's really not easy to lie to someone you never talked to in order to get money. Be prepared for that.

You need to have access to a supermarket/shop that holds your Gift Card.

A retarded cashier

If that is fine, move your ass to the supermarket and do your normal shopping (idk take a coke and a sandwich). Then, take two, three of four times the same gift card. You need to take a "logical" multiplier of the GC : If you want 50$, take 2 25$ GC, or 5 10$. Depending on how confident you are and how retarded the cashier is, you can fuck them up more or less.

Now just go to the checkout of the shop and tell the cashier that the cards are bugged and even if it's indicated as 20$ / whatever amount it is, it only gave you 10$ / whatever amount you want so you need to get another one for free. It will only work if the cashier is retarded or don't want to spend time arguing with you. If this doesn't work, don't be retarded and start shouting at the cashier, just tell them you're disappointed that this shop tried to scam you and leave. Once you found a retarded cashier, you can most likely do it multiple times.

Recommended amounts :
I did it 6 times, 4 times in an ASDA in Wembley where I told the cashier that the £20 Steam gift card was actually worth £10. The first time I tried it did not work because the cashier said he did not have the ability to give me a free one and he needed to call a rep. It worked at my second attempt, the woman was very friendly and sorry about the issue, so I did it 4 times with her. Then I did it 2 times in France, in a shop named "Carrefour" with the Apple Gift Cards. Worked at my first try and second try, I used the 25 euros card and told them it only gave me 15.

Blablabla you're a lying retard that will never work :
Really, please try first. I learnt this technique from a (female) friend that did this to male cashiers in the french equivalent of gamestops, and it really worked out for her. If you're a fat cunt with a grinny smile I can't guarantee it will work each time, but if you're a teenager it'll probably be fine.

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