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First and foremost , a police report required by Amazon is standard company procedure. Keep that in mind as you are dealing with your SE.

As per usual , ordered monitor. On delivery day I received the monitor from UPS but was not asked to sign. A day later I phone in Amazon , they say to wait the 3 day investigation period. 3 days later , Amazon requires a police report. Now here is the part where everyone is usually sweating bullets thinking they are going to go to jail for 69 years.

You have two options at this point.

Option A - Go in and file the police report. They will ask you for simple things like did you check in with your neighbors/family/friends and ask for your information.ID will also be required. Keep it consistent. This method is the one that gets strict results in that it is less dependent on luck. You follow company procedure , you get your refund.

Option B - Wait 1-2 days after the 3 day period and call Amazon again to say that you did not receive the package. If you are lucky , you will get a representative that will refund you without requiring a report. This happened to be my scenario. Just right after I finished filing the report in person , I called Amazon and told them I had still not received my package yet. The representative then went on to refunding me in full in less than 10 minutes. I was not required to send over a police report. This method is for those who prefer to skip the Police Report step and are patient enough to push reps.

If you ever are stumped on Amazon demanding a police report , try waiting it out a bit longer and calling again. In my case I was unlucky/lucky that right after filing a report , I got a representative that refunded me without requiring it.
Most above all , please make sure your story is consistent. Do not claim DNA then change it to received wrong item. Your asking to get BTFO


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