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I am reporting leeches!

[Part 1/1] The SE.

Step 1. Create a file called Blue-Yeti
-Make Info.txt file and add: Name, Email, Email Password and serial (if the mic you're doing has a serial)
-Make fake POP (NOT AMAZON) and store in file
-Get serial image and store in file (if the mic you're doing has a serial)

Step 2. Go to Blue and open a ticket

Step 2.1 (If the mic you're doing does not have a serial, just leave serial number box empty

Step 3. Fill info in, and use some of these excuses:

-Mic cuts out alot, to much for it to be used.
-Mic sparking up and is a fire risk
-Mic no longer turns on
-Mic makes a loud fuzzing noise, to loud for you own voice to be heard

Or be creative, don't copy and paste!

Step 4. Wait for reply, give them what they ask and wait for another emai.

Step 5. Fail or succeed, if you fail go again!

Step 6. If you succeed you have new microphone

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