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  1. "The foremost benefit of ECC is that it's simply stronger than RSA for key sizes in use today. The typical ECC key size of 256 bits is equivalent to a 3072-bit RSA key and 10,000 times stronger than a 2048-bit RSA key! To stay ahead of an attacker's computing power, RSA keys must get longer." Source: casecurity.org
  2. 1. Buy a game key off CDKEYS.com off of PayPal (IMPORTANT) 2. Straight after you receive your key try to use the key as soon as possible and after redeeming the key make a new account on that same platform and try redeem the same key and take a screenshot of it being invalid. 3. Open a dispute on PayPal for that CDkeys purchase and select 'Item is not as described' 4. Say something like this, | Hello, I just bought a game key off of thi sellers website, after purchase I received the key to my email, which was fine and I was so excited to redeem the key, however when I went to redeem the key
  3. https://anonfiles.com/dcTeyeafpd/Methods_zip
  4. https://www.otterbox...warranty-claim# https://www.lifeproo.../warranty-claim Both sites are super straight forward (ran by same company). Just select up to 3 products you want for otter or 2 product for lifeproof and say you bought them from a retail location. Input payment info and you'll get a ~$7 charge for shipping (worth it) and your high quality cases sent to your home in the next couple weeks
  5. So first you have to buy something on g2a pay or on g2a through paypal then you have to dispute the purchase as if it was an invalid key wait for usually a week so you can escalate to paypal (it will say how long it takes on the page) then when you escalate you just say "they're not responding" and after a certain time they give you money back THEN REPEAT
  6. 1. Find yourself an amazon gift card (ebay, facebook market, craigslist etc) 2. You will require the Serial Number and a Photo of the front and back of the card 3. You'll be using the Claim Code isn't visible excuse which means when they come and ask for the photo you'll have to have it photoshopped. So the code has to appear to be fully scratched off! 4. Go on live chat and tell them you got a card but the Claim code is scratched off and only the serial is visible. They'll tell you to upload the photos to [email protected], keep staying on the live chat and after uploading the pictures
  7. Things you'll need : 1. A logitech S/N (Can be bought here on nulled or you can buy one my discord server. 2. A phone (not needed but i recommend calling them instead of using email. Its faster and my refund was done in 4 days!) 3. A little bit of acting Okay, lets begin with the guide! (I will be showing you how I did it, by calling them, not emailing. First, you will have to go to : https://support.logi...id=360000621393 Scroll down and click on "Contact by Phone" Call the number, tell them you are having problems with your headset. Be
  8. What you will need: Adobe Premiere Pro (You can download it on Nulled). A photo that you want to make a video out of. A random video with hand movement (You can film it yourself) Tutorial: Get a photo that you want to use (E.g. A picture of the serial number) Import it to your Adobe Premiere. Film a video with your phone and move it naturally (This movement will transfer to your photo) Import the video to Premiere as well. Put it over the photo. Cut the video and photo to the length you want it to be. Nest them into a seque
  9. Social Engineering (SE) is the art of convincing companies to send you free stuff by exploiting their warranty policy/goodwill. You make them believe their item is faulty (without actually owning the item) and then push them to send you a replacement for the troubles. Refunding is also about getting free products, but the difference here is that you do not exploit their warranty policy. Instead, you need to buy the actual product from an online store and then refund it through a refunding method (most public ones are DNA and EB).
  10. Requirements to do the method : You need to be able to lie IRL without starting to panick or something. It may sound easy but it's really not easy to lie to someone you never talked to in order to get money. Be prepared for that. You need to have access to a supermarket/shop that holds your Gift Card. A retarded cashier If that is fine, move your ass to the supermarket and do your normal shopping (idk take a coke and a sandwich). Then, take two, three of four times the same gift card. You need to take a "logical" multiplier of the GC : If you want 50$, take 2 25$ GC, or 5 1
  11. 1. Find relevant info invoice and service tag you can use serial for monitor or other method (Ebay, Shpock, Gumtree) 2.Contact with your issue say it won't turn on / no power. 3. Try to push with advanced replacement by saying that u are sick or some covid bs 4. Enjoy replacement 5. Use drop and fake name to avoid bill.
  12. 1. Get Fake Amazon Invoice 2. Contact with Philips Hue on "Messenger" (They reply within 2-3 hours / No Email) 3. Tell them: Item doesn't work. The lights are not lit. etc.. 4. They ask Serial Number and Full Name and Address for replacement 5. Firstly, They require faulty product and tell that DHL will pick it up your home or work address 6. Tell them, I am busy please give me a prepaid label to return the faulty products 7. They tell: At the moment we are very busy, so it might take a bit longer. After 10 days they 'll send prepaid label 8. Finally You shou
  13. First and foremost , a police report required by Amazon is standard company procedure. Keep that in mind as you are dealing with your SE. As per usual , ordered monitor. On delivery day I received the monitor from UPS but was not asked to sign. A day later I phone in Amazon , they say to wait the 3 day investigation period. 3 days later , Amazon requires a police report. Now here is the part where everyone is usually sweating bullets thinking they are going to go to jail for 69 years. You have two options at this point. Option A - Go in and file the police report. They will ask
  14. Requirements: Google Pixel Imei VCC with atleast 5$ on it UK only tested for now Add the VCC to the account Add the IMEI to the account Go here https://support.goog...i=...authuser=1 Bullshit all your way through Advanced Replacement They will send a new unit and they will charge the VCC once you don't send back some imeis; 58327095659046 - Device: Pixel 3 XL 356731106291149 - Device: Pixel 4 358034082535698 - Device: Pixel 2 XL 352930108105638 - Device: Pixel 4 XL

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