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  1. Giveaway
    https://t.co/vAuP6oiVqc (my referral code)
    https://t.co/12BsmBpxSL (the vid)
  2. RT @Newegg: It's a new giveaway video, and Linus just dropped it. It’s @LinusTech vs. @RobeyTech in a PC build off for #IntelGamerDays. Wat…
  3. RT @Newegg: Check out @Robeytech's new giveaway video that just went live! It's a PC build off against @LinusTech for #IntelGamerDays! Come…
  4. RT @Newegg: Enter our #IntelGamerDays Glacier PC Giveaway!. It has @EKWaterBlocks cooling both the @IntelGaming i9-11900K CPU and @MSIUSA R…
  5. Don't see my tweets


  6. @forceplayz11 @MaxWinebach My man this screenshot brought me back to iPhone 4 days
  7. @forceplayz11 @MaxWinebach Angry birds space was fun
  8. @alxndrmarkov999 @MaxWinebach Asphalt 5/6 and asphalt rs3 were amazing
  9. @savvy__sage @thecomputerclan Same here
  10. @thecomputerclan @Mrwhosetheboss All thanks to me who spotted it out
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