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  1. Please don't use this section to post leaks! Any Giveaway not using this format will be removed! Giveaways are prizes you can host, Make a topic describing your giveaway. The winner(s) will be picked randomly by a staff member of your choice using random.org How to enter: To enter a giveaway just reply to the topic. If the giveaway asks something, i.e. your favourite food you can reply with your favourite food to to be entered. Example format:
  2. First giveaway! Thanks for the contribution :)
  3. Vazity


    Theme re-styled Signature block added Live cryptocurrency prices added Profile contact info added, (Discord, Telegram BTC ect.) Bug fixes Embeds Enabled Added new widgets
  4. When ur teacher leaves the room go to his pc and inject a usb rubber ducky with a cookie payload also u could put a raspberry pi in ur bag and have a proxy
  5. I would go to a starbucks stick it on the wall "free wifi" and then RUN
  6. What I would do it when scanned it will connect to a private domain which has malicious php code which can do many things like, camera, cookies, ip, phone data, ect. This way it saves memory, smaller qr code and its faster. I really like this idea though im definitely gonna try it out!
  7. QR code attacks sounds pretty cool, might try that as a "connect to wifi". Anyways just know that QR codes are limited to memory so lots of code might not fit into a QR code
  8. This is a very simple and easy way to get any USB related device from sandisk. Go to their support and create a live chat for a usb problem. When the support team is with you just say it's corrupt, make sure you are acting upset and say you want a refund asap because you're going on vacation. If they ask for a code on the usb just say you are not home because your leaving your friends house tomorrow for the vacation and the usb is not present. If they ask any questions about the usb just describe the usb you want and say your friend did some techy stuff that you don't know of and
  9. I think the forum would have more attention and registered users if hide tags where implemented for the download of your post. In order to see the hidden content you must be a registered user.
  10. This will require some pre planning and luck Go into your local store and find where they keep the physical cards. Snap pics of the card number(NOTE not the part where you scratch off but the card number to the left in plain view) top few and put them back Go into amazon live chat and tell them that you scratched off part of the code you needed to redeem . AND lastly they will provide the claim code that is normally behind the grey stuff you cant see. You will prob need to do this to a drop as this kills the gc for whoever bought it . Well thats all guys figured som

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