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  • User Groups A list of all the available user groups, and some details about them.

    Regular User Groups
    1. Administration

      Holds so much power, belongs to the Owner. Hopefully it won't fall into the wrong hands!

    2. Staff

      This usergroup belongs to your friendly staff team. Here to serve & protect!

    3. 1kon1N

      Awarded to the first 50 members! If you're in 1kon1N, consider yourself supreme!

    4. Royal

      Members of the Royal family.

      Paid usergroup.

    5. Deluxe

      A slightly better version of Premium.

      Paid usergroup.

    6. Premium

      Paid usergroup.

    7. Members

      Ground zero.

    Custom User Groups
    1. Richest Faggot

      Assface is richer than you, me, and that funny guy with the Twitter handle "elonmusk" combined. Let's hope Assface doesn't buy you!

      Custom usergroup owned & operated by Assface.

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