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Social Engineering Discussions

Talk About Social Engineering; It’s Interesting.


Victus Does Not Promote, Condone, and Encourage Any Illegal Activities. All the Content You See Below Is for Anything but Un-Lawful Use. Only a Fool Would Believe Any of the Content to Be True in Any Way Shape or Form!


  1. Failed Social Engineering

    Has Your SE Failed? That’s Unfortunate; Please Talk More About It Here. We Would Love to Know What Went Wrong.

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  2. Social Engineering Bragging

    Are You Proud of That One Social Engineering Operation? Well, We’re Happy for You, Take Pride in What You Have Done, and Brag About It Here.

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  3. Successful Social Engineering

    Woah, did you..? Talk about your successful SE's here; we'd love to know more about it.


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    How to Social Engineer Amazon

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    How to Social Engineer

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    Social Engineering

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